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Safety Clamps

Product Profile

Please find the details below:

A safety clamp is a mechanical device that is attached to tool strings or flush surface tubulars during assembly or disassembly. Its purpose is to prevent the tool string from being dropped downhole accidentally if the slips or elevators securing the string lose their grip. Autobahn Industries produces a Multipurpose Safety Clamp that is safe and convenient for holding all types of tubulars during installation. The clamp is made from high-grade alloy steel that is duly hardened and tempered to provide greater strength. All safety clamps go through a series of tests, including ultrasonic and magnetic particle testing. The clamp is suitable for use during the installation of large-diameter surface casing, handling of drilling risers and casing heads, and lifting pre-packed gravel liners. The multi-link design of the clamp provides uniform pressure around the pipe, minimizing the risks of crushing the pipe or damaging the surface.


Features & Benefits

Design Features

  • Safety Clamps are designed, manufactured & tested. 

  • Each link complete with tapered slip is interchangeable as a unit and is readily adaptable to any diameter size from 2.7/8” to 36”

  • Safety Clamps inserts are made from high grade of Steel and case hardened for better performance & life. 

  • Estimated Design life : 5 Years

Health, Safety and Environment

  • Products are manufactured considering the HSE guidelines.

  • Easy fitment of spares part & locking of safety clamps.

  • Products are passed threw series of Non-Destructive Testing and Destructive Testing for quality control which helps to insure safety of are product at rig site.

  • Excellent durability.

Lead Time

  • Fastest Delivery with short lead time

  • Availability of Spares in very short lead time as we are maintaining the huge inventory.

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