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Adapter Ring

Product Profile

Please find the details below:

We manufacture a wide range of rotary adapter rings and reducer bushings for rotary tables of different sizes including 75½”, 60½”, 49½” and 37½”. The adapter rings can be either solid or split design, and the bushings can be configured for use with rotary tables from the same or different makers (e.g. LTI to LTI or Oilwell to National).


Our adapter rings are equivalent to those of NOV, Varco rotary tables, Wirth Rotary tables and Oilwell. We also provide customized adapter rings upon request.


Features & Benefits

Design Features

  • Merol make Adapter Rings are equivalent to NOV. 

  • Estimated Design life : 10 Years

Health, Safety and Environment

  • Adapter Rings are manufactured in compliance with the HSE guidelines.

  • The Easy Fitment and Installation reduces the downtime on the rig.

  • It is passed through a series of Destructive and Non Destructive Testings to ensure that Adapter Rings meet and exceed the API Quality Requirements, this helps to ensure only Quality Products are supplied to the Customer.

Lead Time

  • Fastest Delivery with short lead time

  • Availability of Spares in very short lead time as we are maintaining the huge inventory.

+91 9898677788

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