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Pneumatic Power Slip

Product Profile

Please find the details below:

We manufacture a fully automatic, remote-controlled pneumatic power slip called the Pneumatic Power Slip (equivalent to Varco PS16). It is designed to handle tubulars ranging from 3½” to 5 1⁄2” by simply changing inserts. The power slip can be controlled either by a hand or foot-operated remote control valve. The slips are set by gravity and applied air pressure and released by applied air pressure, which eliminates the need for manual setting and lifting of slips. The Pneumatic Power Slip is designed to fit into 27-1/2″ and 37-1/2″ rotary tables equipped with API Pin Drive Master Bushing.

Pneumatic Power Slip

Features & Benefits

Design Features

  • High quality springs are installed in the Power Slip which helps to lock and release the power slip in fractions of seconds. 

  • Inserts & other spares can easily be replaced when required.

  • Power Slip is equivalent to NOV (PS-16) 

  • Rated Load Capacity : 500 Ton

  • Estimated Design life : 10 Years

Health, Safety and Environment

  • Power Slips are manufactured in compliance with the HSE guidelines.

  • Each Power Slip is passed through a series of Destructive and Non Destructive Testings to ensure that it meets and exceeds the API Quality Requirements, this helps to ensure only Quality Products are supplied to the Customer. 

Lead Time

  • Fastest Delivery within shortest lead time.

  • Availability of Spares in very short lead time as we are maintaining the huge inventory.

+91 9898677788

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