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Casing Slip

Product Profile

Please find the details below:

Casing Slips are segmented tools that are used to run casing pipes. Their primary function is to assist in the self-centering of pipes in the rotary table. The multi-segment design ensures that the casing pipes are fully wrapped around, protecting them from damage. The benefit of the multi-segment design is that by adjusting the number of slip segments, the casing slip can handle various casing sizes from 5-inch to 30-inch OD by using the appropriate size of insert. 
Our range of casing slips is designed to handle pipes of different sizes, from 5” up to 30”. The casing slips are equipped with circular buttons and 3-4 flexible handles for easy operation.

Casing Slip

Features & Benefits

Design Features

  • We make Casing Slips are equivalent with NOV. 

  • Designed, Manufactured & Tested complying with the requirement API-7K specification. 

  • Manufactured with an unprecedented level of precision machining

  • Slips are hardened and tempered which increase the lifespan of the product and provide excellent strength which increases wear resistance.

  • Casing Slip are used with Slip Bowl No. 1,2, 3 & 16

  • Slips come with taper; 4 inches per foot on the diameter.

  • Segments have extra-long back ensuring sufficient strength & support to the inserts. 

  • Circular Buttons can be replaced at the rig site itself in a very short time by simply removing the locking arrangements & retainers.

Health, Safety and Environment

  • Products are manufactured in accordance with HSE guidelines.

  • Easy Installation.

  • Products are passed threw series of Non-Destructive Testing and Destructive Testing for quality control which helps to insure safety of are product at rig site.

  • Excellent durability.

Lead Time

  • Fastest Delivery with short lead time

  • Availability of Spares in very short lead time as we are maintaining the huge inventory.

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